Jan Gerrit Jordens


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Jan ‘ Gerrit ‘ Jordens (Wageningen 1883-1962 Groningen)

De Ploeg-painter Jan Jordens was trained in the Hague and Amsterdam as an art teacher, a profession that he continued to exercise, passionately, his whole life, first in Warffum (1907-1916) and then in Groningen. Additionaly, as an artist he had a continuous drive for innovation and experimentation, which is uttered in a lifelong search for new forms and techniques. Immediately after the creation De Ploeg in 1918 he was a member of this artists ‘ Association. His early work shows in color and a certain kinship with the works by Jan Wiegers. His palette is generally warmer and darker than that of the other Ploeg members. After 1932-1933 gave rise to Cubist related compositions,later on his work was gradually becoming more abstract.